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    'Scuse my ignorance, but what's 1-T and who makes it? And what are you looking for from this particular stack, since you've obviously given it a lot of thought?


  2. shouldnt base levels be taken as well??

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    I should have known, Eric! It sounds interesting...but I don't have the cash right now! I am interested in buying two bottles in a couple of weeks, seeing as how, after viewing the thread, I'd need 7-8 pumps because I'm a mofo who's over 300 lbs. By the way, the Dermacrine seemed to have worked pretty well in my stack..but i did get a bit of gyno. Guess next time I'll have to use drier compounds.
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    Here is my next stack I have conjured up:

    1-T week 1-6
    M-Drol(superdrol) week 1-2 at 10 mg per day (maybe 20mg?)
    Trenadrol week 2-5 at 60 mg per day

    Pulse Sustain Alpha at 10 pumps per day for 2 days after 2 weeks and then 5 days off and 2 on till the end of the cycle.

    Thats gonna make for a good stack. i would just stick with 10mg per day
    Are you gonna log this??

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    shouldnt base levels be taken as well??
    I would have liked to do that as well but I was provided only 2 tests. Another thing I would have liked to do was get a full panel to see how much testosterone is actually released from the increase in LH and FSH. You could spend over a $1000 on blood test for one cycle if you wanted to or I could just do 3 or 4 cycles with that money.


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