High Prolactin Levels

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    High Prolactin Levels

    I have been looking around for about 3 hours to the answer of this question and I still cant find it. Then again Im not exactly a google wiz.

    How and why does one get high prolactin and progestrone levels from prohormones?

    I have read in a few places that people have got nipple discharge and gyno from this. And I would just like to understand how it works and how to prevent it.

    I have heard running a high dosage of b6 at like 400mg a day helps.

    Any help would be great.

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    yeah but b6 at that dosage can do some harm over time

    use p-5-p a b6 coenzyme... i take about 300mg p5p for this and it goes away fast

    if gyno starts some nola/arimidex/p5p will get the job done always from all angles

    the pathway that leads to prolactin problems is a complicated one with some various factors

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