Test E + Methenolone Acetate Cycle

  1. Test E + Methenolone Acetate Cycle

    Hi all -- I'm 37, 6'1" 190 lbs, ~10-20% bf, two years resistance training experience. I've done 6-8 4-AD transdermal cycles (back when it was legal), and responded very well, putting on good mass with strength increases and no serious sides. I have no known health issues and no known preponderance to sides evolving from heightened exogenous T.

    But, I've never done a 10-week Test E cycle at 500mg per week, either... I'm in the planning stages of just such a cycle and I can't find the answer to a specific question in the forums and would like some experienced opinions on this:

    How and when would one use methenolone acetate with said Test E cycle? I'm thinking 200mg per day during weeks 9-13. What does the rest of the world think?

    Oh, and weeks 1-3: transdermal test base (Penetrate, aiming for 100 mg/day); weeks 3-10: A-Dex at 0.25mg EOD...
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  2. Im assuming you're talking tabs....injects would need to be considerably longer, and need to be around 1 gram to really be bad ass...tabs could be used at the amount you speak of with great results....


  3. Thanks holy--yep, the acetate is the oral form; powder, in this case.

    I appreciate the concurrence, thanks again......................... ......................

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