An attempt at putting 4ad in oil

  1. An attempt at putting 4ad in oil

    It went to ****. I used:

    2g 4ad
    3ml BA
    7.5ml BB
    19.5ml sesame oil

    which should have produced about a 60mg/ml solution. But it actually turned into a cloudy, grainy mess which clogged two whatman filters and still looked like ****.

    Interesting. Wonder what went wrong... quality of the powder, perhaps?

  2. why are you using so much BB and BA?

    you should be using 3% BA and 7.5% BB

    I was able to do 10 grams of 4ad-cyp yesterday using science supplys kit...

    Did you heat your oil + solution before filtering? I noticed the same cloudy mess when doing my conversion and heated it a bit before filtering and the process worked fine.

  3. I assume you're talking about regular 4-AD base (no cyp ester).

    It went wrong by not adding a co-solvent with decent hydrogen bonding characteristics. Try using a PEG-400 based matrix (instead of oil) and skip the BB.

    PEG, PG, and Glycerol are all suited for solvent systems and generally pain free.


  4. Yeah Chemo, 4ad base.

    If you have a moment, what would be a good ratio of PEG and BA to get this vile powder in solution? heh

    Also, I have some glycerin left over from my last transdermal, but are we thinking of the same thing? Seems pretty damn thick.

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