where are the most estrogen receptors?

  1. where are the most estrogen receptors?

    Where on a man's body are the highest concentration of estrogen receptors? Does it vary with the individual. For me I would guess that it's the lovehandels, abs and lower back because 2 weeks after my 1Test cycle that's where all the watery flabbiness went. Is it too late for me to start Nolvadex? I just got some a couple days ago.


  2. WHAT????????

    Bro, research some please. Estrogen receptors do not reside in any of the areas you just mentioned.

    The receptors are located in the brain, bone, heart, liver, breast and also the uterus in woman.

    Research will answer any of your questions if you give it a whirl.


  3. Why in the world would you take nolvadex if you only wanted to block receptor sites that weren't in visible areas with the exception of gyno prevention.

  4. 2 weeks after my 1Test cycle
    I just caught this as well.

    Since when does 1 test convert to estrogen?
    Man why do I even waste my time? Look bro, RESEARCH!!!! Why the hell are you even taking this stuff in the first place? If you dont know about it dont take it.

    As far as the Nolva question goes. RESEARCH!!! Would you believe me if I said to much of it will cause you to grow a VAGINA. Exactly! Learn for yourself, BY RESEARCHING, dont take everyones word for what they say because Ive been known to lie and cause mass confusion.




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