LGP 1-T + 4AD with Optional hydroxytest

  1. Post LGP 1-T + 4AD with Optional hydroxytest

    This is my first post.
    First off , props to Anabolic Minds and all its members. I did alot of research on bb.com and big cats articles and then i found this place and i have made my move over here.
    I am new to PHs (been researching for over a month).
    I am 31 and my Homegym (Olympic freeweights, squatcage, the works for home body building) is my church. I give my pain to god. It is part of my prayer to him.
    I have had success with weightlifting as far as fitness and weight loss goes.
    I weigh 225 and gain pretty easy.
    i would mainly like to increase my strength,as i am not very strong for my size compared to some of the smaller guys here.
    Will the LGP transdermals containing 1-test and 4ad help me? Should i get the hydroxytest version? Should i try another brand? Is 1-test in this form too much for a first timer?

    I would like to finish the year on an 8 week cycle. Startin in november. I will not go wild and overdose. I plan on using the lable servings to start out and increase the dosage as i feel a little more comfortable.
    I thought about using orals from bb.com and then i found this place.
    Are these transdermals a better route for me? Should i start with 4ad and 1,4 alone or will this 1-test 4ad combo be OK for a first cycle?

    I plan on oxo6 for post cycle as well as homemade zma formula.

    I hope i dont get flamed for all the questions. No need to give a list of answers, just let me know what i need to change..

  2. There is a stickies forum at the top of this forums page for your 4ad, 1,4, 1-test questions. bb.com also has profiles. LGP, BDC transdermals are good. hydroxytest is somewhat new, not much feedback on those.

  3. welcome to the board bro!
    1. the -test/4AD transdermal will help increase strength
    2. wouldn't hurt to get the ver. with hydroxytest (it will help to keep the gyno in check)
    3. LegalGear is a good reputable company. If you want somthing to compare it to, go to powernutrition.net they have the same basic thing called T1Pro. has more test but doesn't have the hydroxytest, but are currently in the process of getting that too. oh yea and they're customer service IS second to none!
    4. my personal take is this is not too much for a 1st time user that has reached his physical plateau and is in good physical health already. my only other experience before this was a MAG10 cycle and I did fine with decent gains.
    5. would recommend a either 4week cycle (1squirt morning/1squirt even.) or (2squirts morning/2squirts even.) with the 1squirt 2xday you should be able to get two 4week cycles out of it. with 2 squirts 2xday you will gwt 1 4week cycle(heavy dosing). or you could do somthing in the middle (recommended) and do 1 1/2squirts 2xday for 6week cycle. that would probably be more logical for a 1st time user if you wanted to push it as far as you can.
    6. do not fluctuat? (change) dosing. stick with the plan you decide on originally
    7. like i mentioned before stick with the premixed 1-test/4AD combo trans from one of the two listed. but you can do 1,4 while on cycle (to help increase appetite). it's no wonder drug but it couldn't hurt
    8. get some tamoxaphine citrate (Nolva) for your PCT. it will serve you much better than the 6OXO. these are strong chems that you should respect. your jewels will thank you for it. you can take the 6OXO along with the nolva, that would make for a great PCT.

    Good luck fellow "HomeGym" worshipper!


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