Transdermal 1-test

  1. Transdermal 1-test

    Allright, any help here would be appreciated. I just got a bottle of avant labs 1 beta. Not really sure when i should apply it in my situation. Ive got a conditioning swimming class at 1030 in the morning mon weds and fri, So im usually up at around 700, at the gym at 730 and done around 9, giving myself enough time to recover a little for my conditioning swimming class. When would you guys reccomend applying the stuff??? I heard its absorbed for several hours so im not sure if i should put it on in the morning or not. Ive done plenty of searching but no luck so far. Im thinking I should wake up around 630 shower, apply the stuff and hopefully that will be enough time to absorb. Someone help me if im wrong. Thanks in advance

  2. How long is swim class? If it's more than 12 hours before you go to bed apply after swimming and then again before you go to bed.

  3. Class is only till 1130, usually dont go to bed till bout midnight, so what your saying seems perfect, Thanks again for the help.

  4. Good luck on your cycle!

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