So its been over a year since I was on this prohormone called tren xtreme. Since then I've felt a little off...mood, energy, libido, etc. My most recent blood work showed my TT at 419 ng/dL with LH at 2.8 mIU/mL. Everything else seemed pretty normal but I felt my prolactin and cortisol were a little high (Prolactin- 14.3 ng/mL and)(Cortisol - 20.6 ug/dL). I just started running some low dose clomid and it's made me feel a bit better but not good enough. I just got some cabergoline and plan on dosing it at .25 once a week for a couple months. My question is: once I stop taking the caber, will my prolactin levels stay low? I don't want to use the caber if its just a temp fix. Also, should I be concerned about my cortisol level?