clemson/Ray Ray McElrathbey

  1. Thumbs down clemson/Ray Ray McElrathbey

    The Wizard of Odds: The Truth Comes Out: Clemson Ran Ray Ray

    found this on another board. very sad if it's true, and makes me think a lot less of terry bowden. i hope for nothing but the best for this kid

  2. Dang wat the heck...thats messed up that was a great story too that man has been through alot.
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  3. A Bowden an a-hole? No way!

    How awful. This is one of the most dispicable moves I've ever seen in college. I knew the Bowdens were d-bags but this is a new realm of evil. They cut a kid who they guaranteed a scholarship to, all the while recruiting twenty fellons and slapping their players on the wrists for criminal acts/NCAA violations.

    "Bowden can go to hell on this one."

    Ditto, dawizofodds. Ditto.

  4. yeah, i've never really followed any of the teams that the bowdens coach, so I didn't realize so many people hated them. definitely not cool

  5. The Bowden sons need to learn a bit from their dad gum pop. He brought class to FSU (not an easy task). All the sons are sons a *****es.



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