National Signing DAY!

  1. National Signing DAY!

    Today was the national signing day for college football. Im eager to see where Pryor the man-child from Pennslyvania signs with (hoping for the Buckeye Nation).

    How'd you all's team fare today? I know Notre Dame had one hell of a day.

  2. bama had a real big day too. are you a fellow buckeyes fan?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by warnerve View Post
    bama had a real big day too. are you a fellow buckeyes fan?
    They arent "My" team but i do like the Buckeyes alot. My mom is from Ohio, but im from Kentucky, so im a Wildcat Blue and through.

    If Tressel can get that Pryor that would be a huge upset, im afraid that he might want to go with Rodriquez in Michigan, who i hate.

  4. im the same way, both of my parents are from ohio so i was raised that way. i live in maryland so i follow osu and the terps some. i have heard people speculating that pryor delayed his commitment because he is giving penn state serious thought, but i really don't see that happening. i think he will likely go to michigan

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