Talk about a sh*tty day - Canes get their azz beat...

  1. Talk about a sh*tty day - Canes get their azz beat...

    ...and I find out my Dad is on a respirator with fluid filled lungs (and near kidney failure).

    I'll be out for a few days - gotta go visit Dad in the hospital.

  2. WOW very sorry to hear that!

    Our prayers will be with you and your family.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your dad

  4. Klahoma hung 50! Damn! Those Tigers are looking incredible though.
    Hope your dad's OK, truly sorry to hear that part. That really takes the fun out of talking trash with ya.Keep us posted.
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  5. Yeah man, hope all is well with your dad....our prayers are with ya.

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  6. Miami will be back. You have a quality program and rabid fans.
    I'm a diehard Sooner fan, but there are definitely some things more important than football. You won't hear any gloating from me right now. Sorry to hear about your dad.

  7. Hope you dad's feeling better. At least the Canes didn't lose to Appalachian. Oh yeah, and Michigan got their asses kicked again yesterday.
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  8. Just got back from spending 5 days in (and out) of the ICU in Tennessee.

    Dad is not doing good. No other way to spell it.

    The doc's pulled 2 liters of fluid out of his lungs. He seemed to be coming around - until yesterday when the fluid started to reappear.

    I also found out just yesterday he has congestive heart failure.

    Apparently the respirator not only helps his lungs out but also his heart.
    He can't breathe for very long on his own (with the respirator merely turned off) without getting tired (the heart).

    He's on Lasix - assuming we all know what that is (this being a BB'ing board).
    But - that is certainly not helping the kidneys. They are hindering recovery because they can't remove the intracellular fluid quickly, at all.

    Tight rope act with regard to enough Lasix for the fluid but not totally dehydrate him intracellularly.

    Needless to say, doesn't look good.
    But - I did get to talk with him when he was off sedation twice. No clue if he knew who I was or what I was saying. He did seem to follow me as I (purposely) moved around his bed.

    I told him I loved him.
    I'm at peace with the situation (as much as I can - never thought I'd be near losing my Dad at 27 years of age...).

  9. he'll be in my prayers.
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  10. I didn't see much football last week - just too emotional/distracted.

    Did catch most of the UM-OU game.

    I've said we are 2 years away - at least. That seems to be true.

    Randy has the team headed in the right direction, I think. He just has a bunch of lazy, not so talented players on the roster.
    We also have a brand new Def. coordinator (Tim Walton), and a 2nd year OC (Patrick Nix). Adding a brand new head coach means growing pains.

    Miami's QB play just flat out sucks major balls. Wright and Freeman are beyond repair.

    I'm hoping freshman Robert Marve from Tapma, FL can get healthy and play. We'll need him to have experience heading to the Swamp for the 2nd game next year.
    (I don't see Freeman starting next year - Wright is a senior and will be gone.)

    We are bad at WR. Way young at LB.

    I was disappointed in the defensive effort - our bread and butter this year supposedly. I saw no adjustments with one corner getting burned, repeatedly.
    I suppose I chalk that up to a brand new DC - Shannon hasn't gotten involved with the def. signals from what I've heard.

    All isn't lost. I think the Texas A&M game next Thursday will probably give a clue as to what to expect down the stretch. We obviously aren't a top 15 team - but really only GaTech is in the ACC (IMO).
    If we can show some resolve and win - should give a kick-start down the stretch in the ACC. And let us keep the recruiting successes we've already had.

    Lastly - didn't see VT-LSU (or very much of it). Was very impressed with the highlights I saw mid-week.
    Didn't know Boobie Miles had that in him for a big early season game.

    And - RD must be hurting as much as I am with his team's performance last week. USF has a good little team. Levitt is a good head coach. But - to lose at home, hmmmmm.


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