Stupid Heisman Watch 2006-2007

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  1. just thought of something: Brady Quinn still hasn't won a big game in his entire career. OH wait, they almost beat USC. That's a wonderful resume.

    Syracuse over West Virginia this weekend. 25.5 underdogs at Morgantown, where the fans are too drunk and physically out of shape to make noise

  2. In terms of defense I dont think they compare to the top SEC defenses. In terms of the overall team I think OSU and Mich are just as good and probably better than most top SEC teams.

    I used to watch B10 games a lot, my entire family is Iowa fans, so I've always watched and been insterested in that conference. All the trash talk I get from my unlces about B10 just reminds me of how overeated I think that conference is year in and year out. Thats not to say their aren't good teams, i just think that each year it usually has about 2 good teams and everyone else is just middle of the pack or a bottom feeder.

  3. the best defenses of the SEC and Big10 are 'different' and it really depends on the opposition to say who is 'better'.

    At Ohio State, the outside linebackers weigh close up 245lbs and are geared to stoping the rush up the middle and near the tackles.

    In the SEC, outside linebacker is generally called 'weakside linebacker' and that player looks more like a safety. He needs to be able to drop into zones quickly and probably required to run to with slot reciever at certain points in the game. He isn't really a run stopper, but rather a 'sweeper' like player. Auburn didn't have a linebacker that weighed over 220lbs according to their Fall prospectus.

    Florida's defense would not be as successful if transplanted into the Big 10.. and I feel Ohio State's D-Line would have a problems getting to the SEC Quarterback who is shotgun for half the game and the linebackers could not run with the 3rd and 4th wideouts. It's just a hard comparsion.. so we'll agree to take USC's defense.

  4. On paper, at the beginning of the year - I thought Penn State had the best Defense in the country.

  5. Can't we all just get along???
    (Well - all but me and the OSU* guys. )

    Let's see a hot chick - that'll help everything.

    (I'm planning on taking her home when I can find out who it is. Just gotta make sure I don't tell Ubi....)

    About that Mich record...what was the outcome the last time UM played UM?
    Hint - I think you were near the end of your tenure in college...
    I was under 10 years of age...

    Since I'm sorta the guy in the middle here - being that I merely attending an SEC school and don't root for them, I'll comment.

    I'd agree with what Gators said - the B10 seems to have 1-2 top teams per year while the middle is pretty blah (barely top 20 teams if you will). Whereas the SEC's middle is stronger, I think. However, the top of the SEC isn't always ranked as high because they do beat up on each other more often. I think the SEC has more parity (and will continue to with the likes of Spurrier going to a bad S. Carolina team and making them better) than the B10. (Apart from the annual OSU* "choke" job - see Jim Sorgi.)

    I also agree w/ Rouge in that the B10 is moving towards an SEC type of mentality. I mean, they are now going after kids in the south w/ speed. Look at Santonio Holmes - from Miami's backyard.
    I think the B10 will become more like the SEC (although not with the depth in the middle of the conference I think) in the next few years as they get away from the "we only recruit the core Midwesterners" mentality (which I never understood).

    I'd like to think Miami pushed the "speed is king" aspect unto the rest of the country in the early/mid 80's. (I think the '84 Orange Bowl changed at least Tom Osbourne's mind forever.)

  6. We don't need any fatties. We've got enough of those guys that can't play more than a play without needing a tank of O2.

    We've had success getting OL's outta TX. Hopefull that pipeline can keep up. We can't compete in the midwest for OL's it seems.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Michigan and OSU recruit nationally, the other B10's have a less broad appeal. I'll trade you, JMH, more Florida speedy "Skill " players for the Midwest fat and slow OLs y'all should be targeting.
    Actually, Tress recruits less nationall than Cooper. He's done a pretty good job on putting a wall around Ohio for recruiting. He fills needs here and there with out of state guys, but even then most of them have Ohio connections. But yes, the main stereotype for southern recruits is speed.

  8. Pete Carroll said: The only time USC will recruit out of California is when they are nearly certain that the player will be a 1st round draft pick (or the potential to achieve such).

  9. Carroll is an idiot. He was all over Kyle Wright - said he was one of the best QB's he'd seen in high school.

    That shows ya that Carroll is THE SAME as Coker...both are idiots.

  10. Yeah - I agree about UofI.

    Zook is a good recruiter though.
    It's just a Chinese fire drill on his sideline come game day....

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    It's just a Chinese fire drill on his sideline come game day....
    Hahaha zook bashing never gets old.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    Carroll is an idiot. He was all over Kyle Wright - said he was one of the best QB's he'd seen in high school.

    That shows ya that Carroll is THE SAME as Coker...both are idiots.
    only one has only 1 loss in 4years though
    Pete Carroll i think?

  13. When that wave of top notch talent moves on - you'll see CED. Just like Coker - it took a few years for people to realize.

    Maybe I'm wrong. But - he was TERRIBLE in the NFL.

    (BTW - more than one loss, eh? Loss to Cal in '03 and Texas last season - right? I know they had 2-3 in '02 - at least I think. They weren't close to the top when we played OSU* in the Fiesta that year. That would have been 4 years ago.)

  14. JHM, of course when your best players graduate you will take a hit.. USC is replacing those players... Just like Miami 'reloaded' during 2000-2002. That is my point.

    USC has true freshman all over the field and a 1st year starter at QB. They are undefeated.

    Why is it every year USC graduates players to the NFL, Pete Carroll is instantly questioned? I don't think he has anything to prove at this point. When Booty graduates and Sanchez is the starter, USC will instantly be not as good anymore. THey just keep winning.

    In fairness though, USC gets nearly all the best west coast recruits. Miami has to complete in state with UF and FSU. Coker is definitely ruining the recruiting for the next few years.

    Miami's problem is a lack of leadership I feel. Guys like Ken Dorsey and Ed Reed would NEVER let a team just quit. Miami is just a bunch of thugs looking to get to the NFL. Comparing Merriweather to Ed Reed is a joke. They need guys like Reed and Dorsey to keep the egos in line. Coker can't do it.

    Talent and street credibility can only take a team so far. Eventually you need leadership

  15. Joaquin Gonzalez was the quiet leader in 2001. Reed was just more vocal.

    But - I do agree.

    I think this class will be special. The kids we get will actually want to play FOR Miami. Not just wanting to go "to da league".

    Our problem is that Coker recruits based on stars - not getting kids that fit the system. (Speaking of - he doesn't even have a system.)

    (Unfortuneatly - I think even Kenny himself couldn't fire up the team in the Fiasco Bowl. I can't help but think that game wouldn't have been nearly that close had SOMEONE other than Winslow came to play.)

  16. I feel bad for Peterson. The first game his dad gets to watch ends in a "freak" injury.

    He's gone to the NFL anyway.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Scratch Adrian Peterson, for sure, and Garrett Wolfe, 25 yards on 18 carries, off the list?
    I think Wolfe may be done after that poor performance. Only hope he has is to gain 250+ yards against Iowa.

  18. Even that probaby isn't enough Size - Iowa getting beat by IU would dampen a big game by Wolfe, IMO.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Scratch Adrian Peterson, for sure, and Garrett Wolfe, 25 yards on 18 carries, off the list?
    I hated to see that happen to Adrain Peterson, he really hasnt gotten to prove himself since his freshmen year. I mean no one can deny he is a great RB, but he hasnt had another full injury free season to dominate. And Wolfe really cant keep up his 262 a game cuz who else are they going to zone on. They dont have the passing game or o line to protect him every game. No other RB has that much pressure on him to be this good. But thats what happens when you average 200+ yards a game. If Wolfe cant keep it up my pick goes to Slaton. I guess I just dont want Troy Smith to win, even though I hate to say it, but hes having a great year.

  20. I now declare my stupid Heisman pick to be Hawaii's Colt Brennan.

  21. Heisman will come down to Quinn and Smith. Guarentee it

  22. Quinn may get some ND votes, but I think he gives up the ball too much, and I can see ND losing another game or two before the end.

  23. What do you mean by gives the ball up too much?

    Your right about the big games though. Smith vs Michigan. Quinn vs USC. Should be some fun games to watch and heisman hopes will be riding on em. Its Smiths to lose

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone

    Who's the single best player in CFB? I don't know, it's a year without dominators like Bush, Young and Leinart, Smith wins out if the Bucks do on 11/18.
    Agreed, I think he wins by default if the team wins out and he plays decently. He's a good college player, but not a great one like many of the past heismans have been.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    He's not particularly prone to turning over the ball, but he is 45% more likely to throw an Int per pass atttemp than Troy Smith.

    thats not right

    he has thrown the ball quite a bit more than smith and only has 1 or 2 more pics


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