Steroids in the NFL

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  1. great book, [ame= ing=UTF8] Dunks, Doubles, Doping: How Steroids are Killing American Athletics: Books: Nathan Jendrick[/ame]

    neither pro-steroid or anti-steroid
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  2. Keep in mind that these guys can also around the testing by using GH, slin, and IGF-1 to maintain their gains and stay lean. I don't think steroid use is worse then it used to be but the training, nutrition, and quest for $$$ have definitely made a difference when you compare today's players to the guys from the 60's, 70's, and even 80's

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Keep in mind that the NFL players one will usually read about are the best of the best of the best,first string superstars with time tested training regimes and being exceptional genetic specimens.

    Given a strict scientific disipline of training, nutrition, sleep and supplements, a Meso/Endo exceptional genetic freak can do a extraordinary amount of high intensity cardio without sacrificing mass. I bolded Sleep , because for me and many like this, it's the key component.

    A great deal of physical vitality is inherent, the genetic predisposition of an individual and these guys have the Trifecta - the Genes, the Smarts, and the Disipline to keep doing it day in and day out the strictly right way in a 24/7 since they were a little kid lifestyle.
    Exactly. The game changes for these guys when they literally have a TEAM of professionals in their respective fields dedicated to their individual athletic excellence.

    Imagine what you could achieve if you had a team of Bobo's putting you through the paces 7 days a person nonetheless.

  4. i won't disagree with that. I would be a fool to do so.

    but how then would you explain the paradox of: anabolic steroids being widespread in baseball (an anaerobic sport of the most part) but not in football (a sport that requires more athletic ability [speed/agility, strength, endurance] and of a more catabolic nature? is that simply testing procedures?

    granted, baseball players do not train like football players. they can't because of the 162 game schedule nor do they 'have to'.

    what would you gain with perfect diet, training, sleep? Your genetic potential. But add all that cardio, head-on tackling, injuries and roads trip to different cities.. your training, diet and sleep and only be so perfect.

    that's where GH comes in, im convinced. Massive muscle sparing post-game meals and GH.

    edit: In terms of anabolic steroids though - I'm thinking it's limited to the offseason. Most guys have that 3-4month window to put on the weight and strength. It can't be done during the season. And the doses are not bodybuilding doses - well unless you are David Boston. It's kinda funny - he ended up getting busted for HCG of all things.
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  5. And what, may I ask, is "genetic potential"?

    It's a phrase that gets thrown around much too often in my opinion, not to mention that it's a completely useless concept in and of itself.

    Knowing you have a limit, but not being aware of it's level until you reach it has little practical use.
    It's like,"lifelong earning potential", until you have lived your life, how do you know how much you will eventually earn?

    A lesser known book that doesn't get 1/10th of the attention that it deserves is the Anabolic Diet, by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale. Anyone that follows this diet and the amino acid and vitamin supplementation contained therein will have a much different view on the question of whether professional athletes are using drugs.

    Once you see bona fide steroidlike results obtained through natural means the lines become blurred rather quickly.

  6. As far as baseball is concerned, I have yet to see any proof positive that doping is so rampant in baseball.

    A few guys that use say "everyone else is doing it"?

    Well isn't that both convenient and typical. Alcoholics and Drug addicts like to claim "everyone is doing it" as well, it doesn't mean they are right. Two or three guys on a team, thats not everyone either.

    It seems to me that a person is branded an anabolic steroids user nowadays the minute someone accuses them of it. No proof needed. They said it, why would they lie? And now you are a user.

    And even the other athletes feed the fallacy, for the reason in my first post. They see someone in better condition than they are in and dismiss it as the result of performance enhancing drugs.

    It couldn't be that they worked harder, now could it?

    The majority of the time, in amateur tested events, the ones that are caught aren't even the ones at the top of their field. They are the ones in the back of the pack trying to get to the top.

    Are they falling behind because they are unlucky in genetics, and unlucky enough not to slip through drug tests undetected?

    Or is it because they are using drugs as a crutch, and they are getting outworked by the ones that know drugs only help a fraction of a percent IF training and diet are taken care of?

    Something to ponder. I tried to upload the PDF, it wouldn't let me do it. It's a good book if you read it, quite an eye opener if you take the time to use it properly.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    .... and I hope it doesn't change.

  8. Morpheus;

    I've tried the anabolic diet. It was basically consuming meat every meal, and nothing but meat. It was popular about 10 years ago.

    Mauro di Pasquale has some good ideas.

    Personally you have to realize one thing; the most anyone in the world has ever bench pressed RAW (that is without a bench shirt) is only around 715 lbs. There are many players in the NFL who can bench press 550 lbs. or more RAW (without a bench shirt).

    Larry Allen for example can bench press close to 700 lbs. RAW. (I've seen it on video)

    If you look at the year that GH was produced synthetically, (1987) you will see that the average weight of an NFL lineman went up around 35 lbs. from 1986-1988. That was not a coincidence.

    Further the coach of the Saints admitted that when he played back in the 1970s and 1980s ALL lineman were on steroids, and most the linebackers were on them. (he claimed to have been bench pressing 440 lbs. before he took steroids, and went from 160 lbs. as a Senior in high school to 250 lbs. when he was a rookie in the NFL, he was saying he did that naturally. Then he said after he did steroids his bench press only went up to 480 lbs., then of course he suddenly stopped and never used them again. This is an example of how far in denial that athletes are. He is more or less saying that he didn't get more then a 10% gain in strength from steroids, which is nonsense. Nobody would use them if thats all the difference they make.

    The blacks can run faster then whites on average. (or any other race for that matter) This is why they are dominating in the NFL. You don't see them totally dominating powerlifting or strongman, because thier speed does not help them.

    As far as sprinting goes, check this out. Steroids increase the 100M dash time in highly trained athletes by around 7/10ths of a second in the first year of consistent use (one cycle after another) This would be like having a head start of around 7-10 yards in a 100 yard sprint. There is no way in hell anyone can compete with that.

    I would guess steroids can increase strength by at least 40% in highly trained athletes. I've seen a few people double thier strength within a year just from steroid use. (not counting GH, IGF-1, ect.)

    You'd have to be a damn fool not to use steroids if you were to play in the NFL.

    Personally I saw more steroids in the Junior High School Football level then they claim to have in the NFL. (I know at least 3 starting players at my junior high used steroids during the season) It wouldn't surprise me if 8-10 players in junior high had used them.

    I know for a fact at least 5-6 starting players at my high school were on steroids. (they admitted using)

    At the junior college I played for, I would estimate that 90% of the starters used steroids, or had in the past. Those who didn't use basically never got any playing time, or were scout team players.

    At the division I level, it must be higher then it was at the Junior High School level don't you think? And at the pro level?

    I would estimate that there isn't an NFL player alive who hasn't used steroids at some point in his life, and I would guess that 90% use GH, and another 40% use IGF-1 and or Insulin. Thats just my opinion based on my knowledge of the drugs. The more I learn about them, the more I realize its impossible to be an elite Football player, sprinter, olympic lifter, powerlifter, bodybuilder, ect. without them.

    The human body is simply not capable of performing at a world class level without drugs (and without ever having used them) when competing against another world class athlete who is on the drugs. I'm not saying its impossible, its just that it isn't happening. I can back this up with thousands of points and go on for days, but you can believe whatever you want. If you try to compete at a world class level without the drugs you are only going to waste your time/life.

    Steroids and other drugs can increase the 40 yard dash time by 3/10th of a second, cause a player to gain up to 60-80 lbs. of muscle, and increase strength by more then double what it would be if they had never used steroids, and increase recovery time from injury, not to mention increasing coordination, ect.

    If Bo Jackson for example had never used steroids considering he ran a 4.1 40 at 230 lbs., why didn't he just use them and get up to 270-280 running a 3.8 40 yard dash? The answer is that he was already on them.

  9. By the way; do you think that Tom Platz didn't use steroids?

  10. One Name bill Romanowski

  11. Football is catabolic. Guys would lose 20-30lbs a year if not for GH.

  12. I hate to say it but, these guys are far from being genetic freaks. I've seen them in practice and close up in the gyms. They really aren't world class athletes, nothing like Olympic sprinters, Olympic lifters, ect.

    Basically without the drugs, they are nothing. People don't realize how much the drugs actually improve athletic ABILITY on top of size, and strength.

    And the media makes these guys look like gods.

    Sure they would be amazing if they were all natural, but the evidence is pretty damn strong that they aren't.

    And part of the business of football is making people think that they are all clean, which makes the NFL players that much more awesome to fans.

  13. I just wanted to add something really personal here for anyone who aspires to play at the NFL level;

    I've spoken directly to a former NFL strength coach who said at least 90% of NFL players were using steroids in the early to mid 1980s.

    Also I had a doctor who was an NFL doctor who said that "they are ALL on steroids" and was confirmed by one of the nurses that this was the case.

    So basically don't do what I did which was train your ass off for years and then end up just getting hurt over and over again at the college level.

    I know of so many guys who made it to the college level, and wether it was Division II, DIII, NAIA, JC, or DI, soooooooooo
    many of them got hurt in thier FRESHMAN year, and never really got a chance to shine in college because they weren't juiced.

    The few people I know who played in DI, admitted to using steroids, and were not ashamed of it. (but they all seemed to be able to get playing time over a 4 year period, and were able to recover from injuries, if they had them, to play again)

    The sad thing is that if you don't use steroids, chances are you will get hurt your first year. (probably around 75%)

  14. anybody see shawn merryman play? he's a beast, and if he continues to evolve ;-) he will be one of the best defensive players ever. one of the few defensive players worth the game ticket price all by tehmselves.


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