Mo Clarett wanted on 2 counts of aggravated robbery

  1. Mo Clarett wanted on 2 counts of aggravated robbery****2277173

    maybe him turning down his signing bonus wasn't such a good idea after all......

  2. Idiot......flushing his life away on the eve of getting a fresh start.

  3. Smart dude tho

  4. I feel so sorry for him.

    what a waste.

  5. That may have cost him a shot with another team which means he probably robbed his own stupid ass in the process. Get a freakin job and make an honest living like us if you can't hack it in the NFL Mo.

  6. God, if he only had stayed at OSU. I wonder where all those "advisors" are now that he is in this mess. All that talent down the crapper.

  7. I just can't believe he would be so dumb to rob people in Columbus where everyone knows his face. I will wait to see what comes of this before I lock him in as Dumb Ass of the Year.

  8. My wife and I laughed when I saw the initial report Sunday night. Now, I just feel sorry for the idiot.

  9. He'd still make an incredible DB in the nfl. Oh, by DB I of course mean Douche Bag. Maybe Jim Brown can post bail for him? Great running back but as an advisor to mo....not so much.

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  11. well, the new story is, the victim isnt sure if its clarrett or not so dont be quick too judge


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