What Happened In Norman?!?!

  1. What Happened In Norman?!?!


    I had drill all weekend and this is the first I've heard of this. Anyone have any further input?

  2. Why yes I do. Some engineering major killed himself just a little ways from the stadium. I guess he just strapped a bomb to himself and walked to the middle of campus. What strikes me as odd is that they found a 2nd bomb and had to detonate that, now why in the hell would you make a 2nd bomb to kill yourself? Was it his failsafe?

    I was at the game when it went off and I thought it was thunder but I didn't think anything else of it. When I left I walked home and found out. The guy lived up the road and they blocked that section off and I believe that they found another bomb, but I'm not sure on that.

    As far as I know this wasn't terrorist related, just a very disturbed young man.

  3. There has been suprisingly little public discussion of one of Homeland security's biggest concerns, the 50 to 60 college football games each weekend. A nationwide televised attack on 100,000 people from an aerial bomb or three is a real threat.

    Anyone remember the '70s movie "Black Sunday"?, they don't show that one on TV anymore.

  4. We used to get contracted out for stadium security. I think the stadiums are pretty secure from what I witnessed, but I do think the tailgating and block parties would be no problem at all to hit.

  5. Stadium security is oriented and effective for stopping the lone gunman, but without sniffing every spectator, you can't stop the strapon suicide bomber. I have yet to hear of a SAM battery near a stadium avaliable to kill a fast low flying plane. Jet Fighters are on standby for interception, but I doubt they can get to a good pilot in time.

    The threat from Al-Q is overrated anyway, if they were as dangerous as some would have people believe, they would be hitting us regularly, the politics of control through fear.

  6. Um, wow. Looks like this guy tried to get into the stadium at 3 different gates and was denied each time. Loads of Jihadist material were stashed away in his dorm. That's a bit scary...


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