Tournament Time

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  1. Tournament Time

    Any college bball fans out here? What are your thoughts on this years upcoming NCAA tournament? Who do you think will take home the title?


  2. I'm gonna get blasted,.. but I'd like to see DUKE win it all. Don't think they have the team to do it, but that's why they play the games!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  3. NC got it pretty easy so far, but that bulter & lsu game is gonna be good and the winner could give nc a nice match up. Although NC will probably beat either team easy.

    That east bracket looks to be the toughest one to me: pitt, ucla, ok state, tenn, fsu, xavier, vcu, nova, texas, & duke- thats rough

  4. That is the toughest bracket, which kinda ensures nobody from that bracket's gonna win the whole thing,... cause they'll be beat(tired)!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  5. SFA is gonna dominate the whole thing!

  6. I hope so haha, one of my friends used to play at sfa.

    But seriously that east bracket is too much, like bonscott said all of those will beat up each other and they'll be exhausted by the end.

  7. nice...i've had a few players in my classes not much chance but gotta root for the home team

  8. Is Davidson in this year? Stephan Curry can shoot the lights out!

  9. UCONN baby!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by anhtheo5 View Post
    Is Davidson in this year? Stephan Curry can shoot the lights out!
    No, they didn't even make it to there conference final and failed to get an at large bid. But yeah Curry is a great shooter and a real nice player...

  11. I like Memphis to probably win it. I also like 2 of the 4 12 seeds to upset in the first round. Mark it down!

  12. Yeah, that's the famous spot that gets upset every year!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  13. Can't wait till the top seeds start falling like flies!!

  14. $50 bucks on UCONN tonight. Any takers?

  15. VS Purdon't, no thanks... but appreciate the offer

  16. Very sloppy game, on both parts. Frustration was in the eye of every player. Calhoun's gonna give it to them hard in the locker room in preparation h of the next game, saturday.

    We will await the winner of the Missouri / Memphis game. $50 bucks says the Tigers win... Take me up on that?

  17. Aren't they both Tigers, you trickster lol

  18. Quote Originally Posted by jdg487 View Post
    Aren't they both Tigers, you trickster lol

    What are your thoughts on Saturdays game between the two?

  19. I think UCONN shoulc/could win easily if they play up to par. Thabeet will have to be a force down low and block a handfull of shots. If UCONN hits the three ball it could be a rout. I wasn't that impressed by Missouri's defense/press last night and UCONN will probably exploit it all game. I hope it is a good close game, but I wouldn't be suprised if it isn't.

  20. Man Missou's bench is so deep if they play it right I wouldn't be surprised to see em give anybody a run for there money

  21. I wouldn't be either, but UCONN's bench is not to shabby either.

  22. Except for Gavin Edwards. He's just a decoy.

  23. UNC baby, should be great game against Villinova


  24. Yep it should be a good one


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