SHR # 1083 :: The Paleo Brain Responsible For How Memories Are Created PLUS Fish Oil Can Preserve Telomere Length Of White Blood Cells :: Guest: Professor Mayank Mehta and Professor Martha Belury :: Professor Mehta's discussion about what the brain is up to during sleep is fascinating and makes it very clear that we understand so little about what happens when we close our eyes. The discussion takes an exciting turn when we learn that the part of the brain that seems to have the greatest significance in memory formation and function developed during our Paleolithic phase of evolution yet again ringing the bell of the Paleolithic periods' further importance. PLUS Professor Belury's group set out to discover the mechanism of action by which omega 3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil seem to suppress depression. What was discovered instead is the ability of fish oil to protect the telomeres of white blood cells from getting shorter. This made for a stronger immune system, and we already know of telomere length and its relationship to aging. This means fish oil should be an important part of your longevity diet.

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