SHR # 1075 :: How To Turn 2.5 Minutes A Day Into The Best Fat-Burning Workout Possible PLUS Obesity: A High Risk Behavior That Should Be Treated Like Any Other :: Guest: Dr. Mikhail Kolonin and Dr. P. J. Brooks and Adel Moussa :: Dr. Kolonin explains the mechanism in which fat cells contribute to the progression of cancers and tumors. Fat cells perform a enabling role regardless of your diet or metabolic status. PLUS Dr. Brooks discusses the REAL meaning of moderate drinking and how it may effect the development of breast cancers. Many who think they are moderate drinkers may be surprised. PLUS Moussa gives the SuppVersity Sniff Test to a variety of today's science. A Peptide That May Help Your Body Battle Prostate Cancer - The Real Causes Of Premature Ejaculation In Men - Are The Supplement You're Taking A Dangerous Combination - Raw Milk Versus High Heat Pasteurization: Which One Has A Greater Concentration Of Metals In It - Plus More

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