SHR # 1137 :: Anthropologist Look At The Link Between Modernization, Physical Activity And Heart Disease PLUS Carb Back-Loading :: Guest: Dr. Michael Gurven and John Keifer :: Dr. Gurven is an Anthropology Professor at UCSB who has studied a group of primitives in the Amazon and compared their lifestyles, activity levels and rate of heart disease to those of developed modern societies. His finding give greater evidence that its not as simple as increased activity yields greater health, but, activity clearly has something to do with it! PLUS Kiefer has spent a decade perfecting his Carb Back-Loading nutritional protocol which promises its followers continuous fat loss while building or preserving greater degrees of muscle mass. This approach is counter-intuitive to the carb-phobic team and appears to be more of a "micro-cycling" approach between a ketogenic diet with daily, but specifically timed, carbohydrate re-feeds. Very interesting and worth your attention! ::

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