SHR # 1192 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo :: The Super Human Nation Is Alive And Well In Texas - Monsanto Uses BlackWater To Fight Anti-Monsanto Movement - Not Presidential: Chris Christy Has No Discipline - What's In Your Dish Detergent - Berries Good For Blood Sugar - Corn-Fed Beef Soon To Be More Expensive Than Grass-Fed - Balding Men... Rub Onion Juice On That Spot - The Mainstream Finally Catches Up With The Super Human Nation - Coca-Cola Wants To "Convince" You Soda Is Healthy... Yeah.. Right - A NYC School Forces Kids To Eat Vegan - 105 Year Old Woman Eats Bacon Every Day - Maybe That's Why So Many People Like Whipped Cream - Plus More And Listener Comments And Questions ::

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