SHR # 1203 :: Could Marijuana Be The Next Diabetic Drug PLUS Defying Age With Food :: Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Penner - Hannah Buettner - Freda Mooncotch :: Many states are now legalizing Medical Marijuana so it stands to reason that the scientific community turns its interest to this age-old plant. Penner and Buettner discuss their recent study that points to the possibility that marijuana use has a beneficial effect on glucose status and insulin sensitivity. But don't run out just yet to buy that bag of weed as these two scientist discuss that more research needs to be done. PLUS Mooncotch tried the Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle for a while but found what most find.. that it's difficult to live a health thriving existence on it. Her salvation was an introduction to a more ancestral diet which lead to her publishing this book loaded with great recipes and documentation of her journey back from the brink. The book also includes tastefully done nude photos of her to illustrate that she has nothing to hide when it comes to the beneficial effects her ancestral way of eating has had on her body. Her message to women is you have to eat more of the right foods as starvation leads to rapid aging and disease. ::

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