SHR # 1236 :: A Story Of Brawn And Hardgainers PLUS Supplements With Synergy To Vitamin D PLUS The Ancestral Health Movement :: Guest: Stuart McRobert - Dr. Michael Smith - Katherine Morrison :: McRobert has been contributing to the Physical Culture since the 70's. His disillusionment with traditional bodybuilding magazine's advice to train more and more to see gains led to his launch of the Hardgainer magazine in 1989. PLUS Dr. Smith lists other minerals and nutrient to keep track of to get teh most out of your Vitamin D supplementation. He also discusses the new study implicating fish oil supplements in prostate cancer. PLUS Morrison fills in for Pottenger. She explains the origin of the Ancestral Health Society and its mission. We also discuss the Ancestral Health Symposium which takes place in Atlanta this year. ::

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