SHR # 1344 :: Colostrum Works: So Why Aren't You Using It PLUS How This Little Known Vitamin Can Save Your Life :: Guest: Mark Burton - Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue :: Many people have sent me messages about Colostrum. Burton attempts to answer most of them by citing various studies on Colostrum supplementation in humans. PLUS Dr. Rheaume-Bleue puts the missing link into perspective when we talk about the potential benefits of Vitamin D and potential dangers of Calcium with her new book. Regardless of how much green veggies you eat, Vitamin K2 is missing in most of our diets. It can cause the other fat soluble supplements you are taking and the Calcium in your diet to do potential harm. Discussed are the best forms of K2, prophylactic and therapeutic dosing to revers potential harm, signs and symptoms and much more. Her book has made me rethink my K2 intake. This is a must hear interview.

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