SHR # 1350 :: The Get Strong Show: What's Wrong With Powerlifting PLUS Pandora's Lunchbox :: Guest: Coach Wade Johnson - Melanie Warner :: Many think the sport of Powerlifting does not receive the fan appreciation that it should. At one time Powerlifting was televised on mainstream television. Why is not any longer? And what can be done to change that? These and many more questions are discussed with Coach Johnson. PLUS At the turn of the 20th Century many embraced the intersection of science and food. Hence processed and engineers foods took their place at our dinner table. Some 100 years later we look at the legacy of adulterated and artificial products that littler our food supply and ask the question "what were we thinking?" Warner authored a must-read book that both chronicles the hijacking of the food supply as well as points out the dangers that still linger today. If you eat food you must read this book!

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