SHR # 1402 :: New Research On Mitochondrial Theory Of Aging PLUS The Gut Microbiome: The Role of SIBO, IBD, And Resistant Starch PLUS Combat Conditioning :: Guest: Dr. Vladimir Titorenko - Dr. Michael Ruscio - Nate Morrison :: The mitochondrial theory of aging has been a well-respected theory for a long time now. In the past it has always been that oxidation was the culprit to deteriorating of the mitochondria. Dr. Titorenko discusses the role that fats, cholesterol and butyrate play in the unveiling of a different look at mitochondrial function and longevity. PLUS Dr. Ruscio discusses what we really know about how the microbes in our body effect health and disease. Unlike many interviews of this type he gives steps and advice on what to do if you suspect or already know you have gut issues. PLUS We all fell in love with the Warriors in the movie 300. It

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