SHR # 1442 :: Taking Advantage Of Blood Flow Restriction Training - Dietary Anti-aging Phytochemicals and Mechanisms Associated with Prolonged Survival - Fasting Reduces Cholesterol Levels in Pre-diabetic People Over Extended Period of Time :: Guest: Jeremy Loenneke - Dr. Dongmin Liu - Dr. Benjamin Horne :: Building muscle using blood-flow-restriction works. It's efficient and you can train with much light weight and see much greater gains in muscle size. So why don't we see more people using this advanced technique to build bigger muscles? Loenneke discuss the do's and don'ts of BFR Training. How to utilize it. What not to do. How it can actually increase strength when done properly and much more. PLUS Dr. Liu revisits phytonutrients that appear to aid in oxidative stress, reduce inflammation and increase markers of healthy aging and longevity. PLUS Fasting may be the answer for pulling the pre-diabetic back from the brink of the condition. Some amazing things occur when a diabetic or pre-diabetic person fasts for 24 hours. Things that diet, exercise and even pharmaceutical intervention can't do. A correction in insulin sensitivity, a reduction in LDL cholesterol and more! ::

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