SHR # 1464 :: Study Finds Clear Differences Between Organic and Conventional Produce - Acne: Risk Indicator for Increased Body Mass Index and Insulin Resistance :: Guest: Dr. Charles Benbrook - Dr. Bodo Melnik :: For those susceptible to the propaganda in the mainstream that says there's no need for organics, Dr. Benbrook was part of a 3 year multi-centered study and the results are clear. Let this put to rest the discussion. PLUS Acne may be a sign of bigger metabolic problems. Dr. Melnik discusses the linkage between mTOR and, of all things, acne! While his views on dairy may make you wonder after yesterday's discussion on the benefits of dairy, listen closely as he speaks about how effective dairy is in a population that exercises. He also acknowledges that commercial dairy is plagued with problems and that raw dairy from pastured cows appears to have protective benefits. ::

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