SHR # 1496 :: The History of "Exercise Is Medicine" in Ancient Civilizations + Adrenal Fatigue 101: Symptoms, Causes and Remedies :: Guest: Dr. Charles Tipton - Pam Killeen - Marc McDougal :: Dr. Tipton is doing everything in his professional power to spread the message that Exercise Is Medicine. It can protect against disease and it can reverse disease. To give the message more gravity, he has authored and extensive research paper tracing back to ancient civilizations that shows they also understood and prescribed Exercise as Medicine. Over 4,000 years ago they understood that it was exercise that could improve the human condition and reverse disease. So why aren't the AMA and others shouting this from the rooftops? Oh.. and the good doctor is living proof. At 87 years old he still lifts and does aerobic training.. for two hours each day. So what's you excuse? PLUS Adrenal Fatigue used to be a hot topic. Not so much anymore. So has it all gone away? According to Killeen it's not only still here, it's worst than ever. Most just have learned to suffer in silence. What are the identifiable symptoms? What are the worst offenders responsible for its development? And what can be done about it? PLUS McDougal discusses a unique supplement that can help you regain healthy Adrenal function. Its designed not to kick the Adrenals harder which leads to faster Adrenal failure. It's actually designed to support the Adrenals so they don't have to work as hard. In fact the first thing people notice when using it is immediate better sleep! ::

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