SHR # 1430 :: New Genes Involved in Food Preferences - Melatonin, Energy Metabolism, and Obesity - A Big Fat Crisis :: Guest: Dr. Nicola Pirastu - Dr. Russel Reiter - Dr. Deborah Cohen :: Could our preference for salty or fatty foods be driven by our genes? Dr. Pirastu and colleagues have identified new genes not associated with taste or smell that influence what people like to eat. If he has his way we will use this information to help people make better choices and will slow obesity and improve health. PLUS Whenever Dr. Reiter is on the show he gives us ground breaking information in the area of melatonin and the pineal gland. This show is no different. We've always discussed melatonin as a chronobiotic. Today we discuss melatonin's role in metabolism, obesity and energy utilization. One piece of enlightening information is melatonin's role in producing brown fat! Maybe now people can get out of the ice baths! PLUS Most books addressing the obesity epidemic claim "it's not your fault your obese" and I cringe. For the first time I agree. Dr. Cohen's new book points out the incongruence in how restaurants produce portion sizes, supermarkets use product placement and commercials barrage our brains with ads that trigger evolutionary patterns to eat more and more. Our brains are designed to address eating as a non-cognitive response from the brain leading to impulse and thus overeating. We discuss the 3 steps that she feels need to be taken to put the population back on the healthy track. ::

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