SHR # 1417 :: Edible: An Adventure Into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet PLUS N=1: Applying Research to Your Life :: Guest: Daniella Martin - Sean Casey :: In her book, Martin explores the tradition of every hunter-gather on the planet that dates back to our own evolution - eating insects. Insects have provided an amazing source of nutrition for us for millions of years. Evidence of chitinase persistence - the enzyme that breaks down the fibrous substance in an insects exoskeleton - may provide proof that we ate a lot of insects over millions of years of evolution. But somewhere along the line it has fallen out of favor. Martin believe that is changing. And can benefit the planet as well. PLUS All too often we view scientific research as absolute. If our experience contradicts research we are too fast to abandon our own experience in favor of research. Casey believes that "me-search" should carry a greater gravity in your decisions than what a sampling of subjects find in a study. Listen and learn. ::

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