SHR # 1352 :: Predicting Cardiovascular Events In Sleep Apnea Patients PLUS Adolescents' Salt Intake Correlates With Obesity And Inflammation PLUS Proof The FDA And Big Pharma Really Don't Care About Women's Safety ::Guest: Dr. Tetyana Kendzerska - Dr. Haidong Zhu - Dr. Greg Harshfield :: Dr. Kendzerska's group looked at over 10,000 men and women to create a scoring system that would allow them to evaluate the risk of cardiovascular events as a result of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. What they learned was the OSA increased the risk of almost every cause of mortality. PLUS Children eat what parents stock the refrigerator with. What they found was that children who had a very high salt intake had higher rates of obesity. But is salt intake just an innocent bystander? PLUS The FDA was exposed for their incompetence on Nationwide TV last night. In the mix Big Pharma was exposed for a gender bias in science that puts every women at risk. Alisa and I discuss the 60 Minutes interview and some of the high points of the investigative report.

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