SHR # 1343 :: The Exercise Cure PLUS Human Mortality Improvements In Evolutionary Context PLUS The BluePrint Power Hour :: Guest: Dr. Jordan Metzl - Dr. Oskar Burger - Rob Regish :: Dr. Metzl has broken with the Medical Orthodoxy with his admission that exercise is medicine! And he is trying to get more physicians to understand what we in the Super Human Nation have known all along. His book is designed for average people and I suspect it will be accepted by the Main Stream because it is written by a Physician and not a Personal Trainer. PLUS Burger studies populations at the Max Plank Institute for Demographic Research. His paper looks at hunter-gatherer populations and juxtapose them to current populations to see where and when longevity occurred in humans. A very interesting discussion. PLUS Regish answers listener questions: What's The Best Set/Reps For Hypertrophy - Does Vitamin D Effect Ecdysterone - Lets Get Deeper Into Static Contraction Work - Is tart Cherry Extract Better Than Tart Cherry Juice- Is Blood testing To See If Supplements Are Working Worth The Trouble - Dosing R-ALA - BP Tip Of The Day: Optimal Protein Intake

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