SHR # 1299 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Cancer As A Metabolic Disease :: Guest: Rob Regish - Dr. Thomas Seyfried :: Steve Lapidus from AgeForce stops by to announce their new patch. Regish answers listener questions: Testosterone Boosters Or HRT - Is Synthagen Good For Bulking- Tips On Controlling Stretch Marks - Is Training More Important Than Diet - PLUS The BP Tip Of The Day: Will Steroids Shorten Your Life PLUS The Medical Orthodoxy likes to label cancer a genetic malfunction. Even while all the scientific evidence points to it being a metabolic disease. Dr. Seyfried - Professor at Boston College and author of the text book "Cancer As A Metabolic Disease" - lays out end-to-end in an organized fashion the science that not only shows convincingly that cancer is a diseases of metabolic derangement, but also that therapeutic diets hold the best treatment alternatives while not killing the patient in the process. ::

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