SHR # 1289 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS How To Get More Out Of The Food You're Already Eating :: Guest: Rob Regish - Dr. Roland Thomas :: Regish answers listener questions: What Is The Ciltep Stack For Cognition - Does Tranquilogen Increase Immune System Function - Can GABA Stimulate Some People - Does Synthagen Have To be Taken On AN Empty Stomach - What's The Best Bulk Materials Supplier - How Do I Train When I Work 60 Hours A Week And Have The Demands Of Family And Community - PLUS The BP Tip Of The Day: How Powerbuilding Will Bring Strength Training Into The 21st Century. PLUS Can a 1/3 of a gram capsule really increase the way your body utilizes the food you're eating now? Could it allow you to add more muscle while avoiding new body fat? Would it then be wiser to add this supplement instead of an additional 500 calories? These and other questions are answered by Dr. Thomas. ::

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