SHR # 1191 :: The SuppVersity Science Roundup PLUS RTDOSHA # 34: Tiny Meeker Drops By To Discuss His 1076 Pound Bench Press :: Guest: Adel Moussa - Wade Johnson - Tiny Meeker :: Moussa delivers - This May Be Why Your Milk Thistle Isn't Working - Some OTC Male Enhancement Products Contain Very High Doses Of Real Viagra - Better Check That Cinnamon Before You Use it - Bad News For Green Coffee Bean Supplements - Attention Anti-Sun Dermatologist: Sunshine Can Benefit Health And Prolong Life Study Shows - Outdoor Activity Effects Mental Health And Well Being - The Power Of Green - Debunking Recent Study On The Paleo Diet: The Good News Is In The Details PLUS Meeker Joins Coach Johnson and I to discuss his recent 1076 pound bench press and announce his upcoming meet where he will attempt an 1100 pound bench press. Then Coach Johnson answer a question about deadlift form that may save your kneecap from being sheered off one day. ::

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