HI, I'm 25 years old, my weight is 100kg. I want to ask you how many caps a day do i need to take to enhance my reduction. It wont be a pct, just a regular reduction with hydroxycut hardcore, T3 from SAN and bcaa.

    I see two different bottels of reduce xt, are they the same? Or is it the old and the new one version? What is the difference between them?

  2. You only need 3 caps of reduce xt. 1 cap upon waking, 1 cap four hours later, and 1 cap before bed. That being said, a lot of people take 3-6 caps daily. Keep in mind if the dose is too high you will experience joint discomfort. If that occurs, just drop back the dosage. However, I would suggest sticking with the suggested dosage (3 caps daily) for 2 weeks and then from here bumping it up if you're not satisfied with the results.

    There is only one version of Reduce XT (look at the ingredient panel). If you're talking about the bottle/label difference, from the owner:

    Quote Originally Posted by sns8778 View Post
    The label on the white bottle is the newer label look anyways. Some people thought the reflective labels were too hard to read.

    As for the bottle color, there was part of a batch that was done in white bottles because of the capsulating facility being out of black bottles and we didnt want to be out of stock, so we got them to finish the run in white bottles.

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