1. Changes!

    With the new year kicked off, FINAFLEX will be getting a bit of a makeover.

    Please be in the lookout for our new logo and all the new products hitting the market.

    Stimul8 Muscle and Pumped are 2 new additions that will have some logs going here very soon.

    PX Ultra is also new and I'm very excited to see the feedback. PX has always been a great product and with the changes it'll be improved yet again.

    PX Diuretic is another new one. Designed for the pre-contest competitor in mind who wants a natural diuretic before the stage.

    There is one more that hasn't been released yet but will be coming very soon!
    Use Code Montego15 for 15% off at

  2. Looking forward to a chance of pace!
    Current Log:

  3. Sounds nice...always liked Finaflex quality!

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