Calebsmittys 1-Andro Run

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  1. Weight 231 this morning. Bumped up 1-Andro to 4 caps per day. Started taking PCT Black 1 cap at night.

    Hunger is crazy. I am keeping my intake under control but I could eat all day and still not be satisfied. I can see my I am much fuller visibly. Strength and intensity is much improved.

    Used yesterday as a deload. Just did some interval sprints and 4 sets of Ab Rollouts.

  2. Quads and calves today.

    Knee has felt like gravel since last squat session. Took longer to warm up.

    Squats worked up to 365 x 5.
    Felt I could have gone for 405 but decided to save it

    Leg press 3 x 15. 3 second negative no lockout
    Front squat 3 x 12 kept it light
    Leg press giant set 40 reps

    Standing calve raise 2 x 12 reduced weight and did two giant sets of 40

    Legs were noodles

    Energy was lacking. Not a great session. But I still got a lot out of it.

  3. Forgot to include

    After las set of heavy squats I dropped down to 255 and hit 20 reps. Seeing stars after that. Didn't have to use much weight after that.

  4. Shoulders and Biceps

    I was inspired by Kleen
    Standing press 115x5, 135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 135x10(I wanted to go for 195 but needed to leave some in the tank)
    Difranco shoulder complex (front plate raise, DB clean n press, bent over row) done with 45 plate and 25 lb. DB
    Lat Raise burnout 75 reps with15

    Hammer pinwheel curl 55x6x4
    Hammer curl 50x10
    Barbell curl 65x10, 75x10, 75x10, 75x10, 45x20
    DB curl 25x15, 25x12, 25x10

  5. Worst session yet since starting. Been fighting fatigue last two days. Thinking of picking up a PWO to help. Will be out of town this weekend so trying to get a bunch in before I leave. Probably just need a rest day.

    Dead lift (no belt) 135x8, 225x8, 225x8, 275x8, 275x8, 315x5, 315x5
    Stiff DL 225x10x3, 135 x 10x4 low and slow to get a good stretch
    Glute bridge 135x10x4

    I got it done. Wasn't happy about it but I grinded through it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by calebsmitty View Post
    I grinded through it.
    that's a victory in itself.
    hate them sessions, thankfully i get them very rarely.

  7. I only ran andro and I gained ~10lbs in 4 weeks. Strength sky rocketed. Endurance went up. Good results.

  8. Well I have not done much high volume in a few years. And it has been at least 8-10 years the last time I trained with a 5 day split. I haven't been this sore all over in a long time.

    Just picked up a PWO. Superpump whatever called. Should help.

  9. Eating a pound of smoked brisket for my recovery

  10. Late but in...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  11. Quote Originally Posted by calebsmitty View Post
    Eating a pound of smoked brisket for my recovery
    did that post by brisk inspire the brisket?

  12. Nah the wife and I just went out to eat. The restaurant had a pound of brisket for 9 bucks. Can't beat that. I had jaw pumps from chewing.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by calebsmitty View Post
    I had jaw pumps from chewing.

  14. good deal though...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  15. As ****ty as my training felt yesterday my hams and glutes are sore today.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by calebsmitty View Post
    As ****ty as my training felt yesterday my hams and glutes are sore today.
    Might be overdoing it a bit. I know when a PH adds strength and endurance a lot of people burn out for a bit. You get it back when you rest up but it's hard on you. I have to be carefull when I go on in January. Take a page of of Snags book and train with purpose and try not to get carried away. I am talkiing to myself just as much as anybody else who may read this.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  17. Good stuff, a nice mix of power building is something like DC or Dog Crapp training. looks like you are already using Widow Makers for your legs. HST 7 is a program that mixes heavy lifting with high volume that is supposed to be great for adding mass.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  18. I have been pushing this week hard and not resting because I will be out of town this weekend and will have a three day break. When I feel like I did yesterday I usually do what I did and that is reduce weight and reps. I didn't push myself to hard, kept reps at no more than 8 and kept total movements to a minimum. But I still felt I got something out of it. To change it up I'm going to put DL before squats in my split next week and continue switching them on a weekly basis.

  19. Kleen, I've been on 531 for a few years now so I have kept my major movements along the parameters of 531, 5s week. Mostly because I want to increase volume. I might shoot for 3s next week and up volume on accessories.

    I have Josh Bryants book on Powerbuilding and got a few ideas there. I also use some of Meadows ideas for accessories and will try to change it up weekly. This week was mostly to see how I deal with the increased volume and extra training day. Sessions are shorter and more intense than my strictly 531 training so I'm loving that.

  20. Makes sense I just saw you asking Snags about it. THis is my first time doing the 531 and it is weird trying to get used to it compared the multiple bady part high intensity workouts I normally do. All of the resting and everything but I think it is working. We shall see in a month or two.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
    Current Training Log -

  21. 531 definitely works. But it is a turtle race for sure. My first time through I went 9 cycles without stalling. But I was constantly gaining weight and pushing PRs. I got up to 260 with terrible work capacity but my major lifts were great. Only problem is I got short of breath doing Normal everyday stuff.

    I dropped from 260 to 215 over one summer and football season and lost almost all my strength. I kept up with 531 taking breaks here and there.

    Where I made a mistake is I did everything backwards. I should have stayed simple with 531 while cutting and done very little accessory work. I thought I could accelerate fat loss by increasing volume but I just got weak. I am now increasing volume while I also increase carbs and calories.

  22. Chest and Tris

    Flat bench 531-5s. Worked up to 275x5. Had maybe two reps left but no spot so I didn't push it.
    Hammer strength decline 4x12 (got a good squeeze).
    Slight incline DB bench 4x10 (did these light with good stretch and squeeze)
    Cable crossover - FST-7 (great pump after these, thanks for suggestion Kleen)

    Triceps(rush job had to pick up son)
    Dips BW - 10,8,7- 30 sec rest.
    Tri ext machine 3 sets with 3 sec negative didn't count reps just went to failure. Very little rest between sets.

  23. Felt much better than yesterday. Long break this weekend.

  24. That rest will have you banging next week
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  25. I'm looking forward to it


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