What to add to Eggs???

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  1. What to add to Eggs???

    So I eat 1cup of Rolled Oats and 8 Eggwhite/2 Yolks every morning. I prepare both in the Microwave, because I have a pretty hectic and early morning.

    I usually put some Salt Free Ketchup onto the eggs, but I don't really want to do this anymore. Any ideas of what can be added easily to add some flavor?

    The only think i have some up with so far is salsa...

  2. Tabasco, this one mexican hot sauce called Tamazula ain't bad either. I ran out of Tostito's salsa so now I'm usin La Victoria's taco sauce, not bad at all.

    EDIT: If you're not too worried about it, sour cream and eggs is sexy.

  3. Cook some peppers, mushrooms, and/or onions into it

    If you're looking for some extra protein, some diced ham makes for a stellar omlette.

    Tabasco sauce makes ANYTHING taste good.
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  4. more along the lines of tobasco and salsa...

    you know, something that can be added quickly and doesn't have to be cooked...

  5. i think skim cheese makes eggs taste a bit better... melt it in with the eggs while they cook

    also, i occasionally use sugar free maple syrup on my eggs and its almost like im eating french toast (without the bread lol)

    or maybe try subbing out the oats for some whole wheat toast and slap the eggs between the toast for a sandwich... any little difference is a welcome change of taste

  6. You can always man up and shotgun it all in a glass, Rocky Balboa style.
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  7. I won't eat any kind of processed bread, whole wheat or otherwise...

    Thanks for the tips though guys...gives me some ideas...i'll let yall know what i pick up at the market.

  8. PI, pick up some Kraft fat-free shredded cheese. It's not processed, low sodium, no fat, and an extra 9 grams of protein per 1/4 cup serving. Throw some salsa, with a touch of Frank's (also low-sodium) in with the cheese and it's really good.

  9. mullet...that **** it too complicated...i'm all about the easy meals...


    I'll check out that kraft cheese though...

  10. I love dill on my eggs, i eat popcorn seasoning like catnip for humans.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    mullet...that **** it too complicated...i'm all about the easy meals...


    I'll check out that kraft cheese though...
    Dude, you're from NJ so the toxic waste probably denatured your brain, so I'll break it down.

    a) break eggs into cup
    b) place hand in eazy-zip bag, take pinch of pre-shredded cheese into cup
    c) place hot sauce into cup
    d) microwave

  12. I see, I didn't know what you meant by franks...

    this sounds like a great plan...i'll try it in the am.

  13. You'll like it. It's honestly the only reason I can handle eggs still. I've ate the same breakfast for three years straight, and have had to get pretty creative with variations.

  14. You can always try what the Coneheads suggested on the parody of Family Feud.......

  15. Ahh.. you gotta love eggs and their simplicity.. though they do taste odd after you eat them for so long.. I use 9 whites/1 yolk due to high cholesterol issues, but nonetheless, I have some creative ideas for you to try, although they sound odd at first lol:

    Already mentioned but, green taco sauce from La Victoria is superb!

    Strawberry jelly... believe it or not is awesome with eggs. (sugar free of course)

    Cheese was also mentioned, but try using mozerella. (mmm)

    And my favorite for eggs, PEPPER! lol, I just like black pepper, a lot. Seems to make things taste much better. and No I do not smoke.. lol

  16. Mullet...Franks Red Hot...

    PERFECT replacement for Ketchup...

    I hate the sodium content but it beats the High Frustose Corn Syrup any day of the week....

  17. good choice with the red hot, it works great for making anything taste better...

  18. I buy it in gallon jugs from Sam's Club
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  19. Just add a few "HOT" jalepenos for some extra spice! Always works for me. If thats too hot, just add the juice from the jar.

  20. I cook my eggs in the microwave about 10 minutes before work at work. I use ham, turkey, salt, and pepper. Rost beef is ok. One time i even mixed in some imitation crabmeat! Salsa is definitely always a good quickie!

  21. Curry powder and black pepper. Trust me..

  22. Steak....add Steak.....Steak is the answer

    Steak & Eggs
    nothing better

    Steak,Eggs,Biscuits,Gravy,Frie d potatoes,and a plate full of bacon....Thats a breakfast

  23. salt free lemon pepper, and garlic are good and easy. Anything chipoltle. Ms. Dash makes a really good seasoning round up based on chipoltle. I don't like the reagular Ms. Dash.

    If your going with cheese, try putting some Cayanne and Chili powders on. It it's it a real southwestern spice.

    For Tobasco bottles aren't big enough. I like a lot of it, and I can go through a big bottle easily with in a week and it's too damn expensive to buy two bottles a week.

    just my 2 cents.


  24. mmm sugar free relish. also marinara sauce!!! i nuke my eggs in the microwave, then throw on some cold marinara sauce so i can eat it right away...!!!

  25. Mushrooms . Black pepper, Tabacco sauce is ok some times.
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