I usually make my protein pancakes like the recipe in the Giant Protein Pancake thread. And those are fantastic. However, I recently dropped cottage cheese from my diet because i'm in contest prep. So i turned to a recipe using protein powder.
Now I may be retarded, but every time I made them they came out powdery and weird tasting. but today that changed! I used:

3/4 cup oats
1 scoop ON rocky road
1/2 cup egg whites
splenda and cinnamon

that usually came out all dry and not good. but today a light bulb went off and I cooked the oats like i normally would in the microwave, added the protein and splenda and cinnamon, and then blended it with the egg whites. they came out all fluffy and delicious.
you guys porbably already did this but i just figured it out haha...