Can someone give me...

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    Can someone give me...

    a good recipe for spaghetti sauce and/or a cheese sauce. I like to take two cans of tuna, mix them up with some whole wheat penne. The sauce I've been using is Ragu, HFCS free but still not that great for me.

    I've given up on spaghetti b/c I can't seem to find a decent sauce.


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    If it is the sugar content you are concerned about, the vodka and/or spicy varieties of most of the more expensive brands tend to have 3 or less grams per serving.

    Also, I not positive about the brand (it's one of the major ones.... Ragu or Prego), but there is a white sauce (not alfredo..... I am thinking Mozzarella and Parmesan or something) that is usually fairly cheap and not terrible for you overall.

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