Anaboliminds: The bodybuilding cook book

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  1. So do you have any idea were it may be? Or do you still have it on your computer? Because I'm always trying these recipes on here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarcraftJJS View Post
    So do you have any idea were it may be? Or do you still have it on your computer? Because I'm always trying these recipes on here.
    I dont have it on my computer anymore as my home PC was fried months ago.. Would have no idea if anyone still on the board would even have this anymore.

    My suggestion would be to have someone go through the threads and make another one since there seems to be a renewed interest in it.

  3. haha never noticed when it was from. Well I would still love to see it if anybody has it saved or something. Thanks again

  4. Would buy this for sure.. I REALLY need bulking recipes for meals I can make on Sunday (that will last throughout the week)..

  5. ill give it a bump

  6. id buy!

  7. People are dieing for a solid cook book like this.

  8. Having a cookbook like this would be a great resource.

    It's really too bad one was made but lost. Was it sent out to other members or were you the only one with a copy? Is the email address you created dead or would it be possible to forward the emails so someone else could take on the project?

    Just an idea.

  9. If you guys set it up by macros or organized meals by cals i.e. dinner from least to most i'd buy one in an instant.

  10. Ill bump this to see if anyone still has it

  11. Id be into that for sure

  12. Id be up for it too. I would put it together enough people were up for it and emailed the recipes, just like tattoo did it a couple years ago

  13. Where's the old one??

  14. I am actually working on a cookbook currently but it is for personal use. Basically I love to cook and try new stuff out and whatever I like I save it in a file I have and planned on making it into a pdf and print a copy for my house when Im done. I will be more than happy to contribute to the cause here.. let me know if you still plan on working on this tattoo

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  15. It's been a while since this thread has been replied to but I was just looking through recipes and came across this. Any luck on a cookbook?

  16. Ditto^ I would like to know too...


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