Fat and carb free Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls w/topping (pics inside)

  1. Fat and carb free Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls w/topping (pics inside)

    Here's another very simple and good recipe for low carbers :
    Protein cinnamon rolls.

    Now these can vary a lot according to what protein flavor you use,
    also the texture changes if you use isolate or whey/casin blend.
    With the first type texture is a bit more solid and dense, with the second a lil "fluffier"

    These are made with chocolate protein (which is good, my second choice) but vanilla actually works,
    toffee and PB are the best, cappuccino is ok-ish.. But that's me..


    Ingredients for the rolls:
    1 scoop protein
    1 egg white (if you actually spill just a lil bit of yolk it comes out slightly better, just a spill tho')
    1 tsp Zsweet/Stevia (you might not need this depends how sweet the protein you're using are)

    Ingredients for the topping:

    Fat free greek yogurt
    Cinnamon powder

    Put the egg white into a coffee mug (you need to use a coffee mug, it's important)
    put the stevia (if using it)
    stir the egg white
    Put the protein powder and add cinnamon powder to taste
    Stir until you have a smooth mixture. Note: this might take a couple of minutes,
    actually if you let it sit for a min after stirring is better, you don't want
    any dry protein "sac" in the mixture, the smoother the better. Just stir..

    Microwave for 45 seconds
    at full power (700/800 watts)

    You'll have this solid cylinder shaped thing, put it into a plate, cut it in a half
    and there you have two rolls.

    For the topping is easy, you can top it with whatever you want really but
    for carb&fat free I use greek yogurt mixed with whey (use chocolate if the rolls are vanilla, and the
    other way around.. Sugar free jelly is ok as well), top the rolls, put some more cinnamon powder (optional)
    here's how they look

    PS: what it looks like chocolate cream is the still warm
    mixture you'll find at the bottom of the mug, it's the best part

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  2. legit. so im assuming cinnamon bun protein would work as well

  3. Never tried but I don't see why not
    I cook everything with whey lol
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  4. Very nice, will try tommorow

  5. I sometimes make something similar while at work

    Chocolate protein powder
    Whole egg
    Tbsp peanut butter

    Mix all in mug and nuke and you get a decent lil cake
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  6. I just made this, came out pretty good gotta make a few adujustment i don't think i put enough cinnamon but i did just as you said 1 egg white with 1 scoop Elite Gourmet Vanilla Protein which is delicious no stevia some ground cinnamon and i threw in some pure vanilla extract for a bit more taste and it came out good i think i kept in fridge a bit too long since it was a little too hard.

    But overall great recipe very easy and loved it.

  7. Oo and ironically enough i had a cinnamon roll flavored yogurt stuffed in the back of my fridge that i used which added a nice touch, probally was my roomates but o well.

  8. It's not the fridge, is the Gourmet protein.

    With the Gourmet series it comes out a lil harder and the shape kinda weird, lol at that expert
    I tried everything.

    It comes MUCH better with the regular whey, no Gourmet, those are a blend of whey and casein
    and they are more "powdery" than the normal whey, I mean it comes out ok, but with the others
    is better.
    Vanilla and toffee being the best flavor for this.
    With the Gourmet try microwaving for like 42/43 seconds instead of 45
    Also I use medium egg, not large (when we talk about single serving dose, even details like this matter )
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  9. True i did use the whey casein blend of Gourmet, i'll try the straight whey isolate next time and see if it makes a difference and i did use a large egg so i guess i'll just add a bit more powder and cinnamon in next time.


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