1. Fats

    What do people class as good fats ?

  2. Essential fats and Monounsaturated
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  3. doesn't polyunsaturated also fall in this? basically the omega "fat"?

    unless that falls into essential category

  4. Food Sources: Fish, Nuts, Avocado, Olives+EVOO, (Almond Milk), Grapeseed Oil, Flaxseed, Borage Oil (GLA), Macedemia Nut Oil

    Supps: Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Sesamin, Flax Oil/caps

    Satiurated Fats - Coconut is the healthiest form of SATURATED Fats IMHO

    *I also think saturated fats form animal sources are fine in moderation

    Avoid: Trans fats (hydrogenated sources)

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  5. ...

  6. all fat is good fat with the exception of trans fat
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  7. Depends on the diet your running and your goals. For keto diets it's really hard to have a "bad" fat. Are you trying to alter your lipid profile or gain/lose weight? What you eat with fats is going to alter these things too.


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