Pasta Suggestion?

  1. Pasta Suggestion?

    Do you have any recipe for a good pasta? Craving for one.

  2. Check out this website

  3. Thanks for the link man! It's a big help. Pasta Pasta Pasta!

  4. I cant post links here because Im too new... But, there are these tofu noodles or noodles made out yams that have 0 carb if that is what you are looking for.

    Google Shirataki Noodles or NoOOdles or miracle noodles

  5. hamburger helper. i replace the crap noodles they give you with barilla plus and use lean meat. cant beat it. and who doesnt love some hh

  6. If just wanting pasta and no sauce,what i do is use whole wheat whatever kind and boil it in chicken brooth thats low in sodium.Its pretty good!

  7. I wouldn't worry about non-wheat pasta (unless you're avoiding gluten), just make sure it's unbleached whole wheat pasta. Not all carbs are made the same- complex carbs are awesome for you. And unbleached whole wheat pasta has a surprising amount of protein in it. Though tofu noodles are higher in protein to be sure.

    If you want some recommendations on sauces that are low in fat and tasty try:
    Adding a few scoops of nutritional yeast to marinara pasta to give you creamy, cheesy pasta sauce without all the extra crap (and with a nice B vitamin boost if you get Red Star yeast)

    Try Vegan Pesto sauce and add nutritional yeast to it- that way you skip out on the fattening parm.

    Try Wayfarer's "We can't say it's cheese" hickory smoked chedder for some awesome mac n cheese without the bad calories and fat.


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