Knock off of "The Pump Energy Food" chicken salad - GOOD!

  1. Knock off of "The Pump Energy Food" chicken salad - GOOD!

    Anyone in NYC familiar with this place?

    Here's my best attempt at their chicken salad. I think mine is a bit better, TBH

    4 cooked chicken breasts (I like poaching best for this recipe), shredded
    1 single size low fat plain yogurt
    1 tsp low fat mayo (not in The Pump's recipe)
    1/4 C craisins, rough-chopped
    1/4 C green onions, thinly sliced
    1/2 C celery, fine dice
    Salt and pepper

    I also occasionaly add chopped pistachios, really fine diced green apples, and curry powder.

    On toast, in a wheat tort, or wrapped in a piece of butter lettuce (and 86 the craisins) for the low carbers it is really pretty good.

  2. Heard of it, I don't bother, price range for "organic" or "fresh" is recockulous.

    Sounds good though, not a lot of people marry the flavors of sweet and savory, they miss out.

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