Halovar Recomp

  1. Halovar Recomp

    Hey guys doing another cycle for the first time in 14 months.

    I have used just about every PH/PS out there and even Test E at one point. But I gave my body a break from hormones just because and got some really nice gains naturally and now wanted to do a nice lean recomp put some size and strength on while staying as lean as possible, followed by a lean bulk after the cycle.

    Anways stats:

    Current weight 202
    bf probably around 13%

    Measurements to come as well as pics

    Im going to run Halovar 5 weeks 75-75-75-75-100

    I am taking Organ shiled as well as extra saw pawmetto and rogain for my hair for extra protection.

    Other supplements whey protein, Hemo Rage, Bulk Di-Creatine Malate and Anator P70.

    Started Tuesday weight was about 194ish. Been eating hi protein/moderate carbs and high healthy fats lots of nuts and olive oil for food preparation. I'll probably end up buying some flax oil too in the next day or so to maximize healthy fat inake.

    First time on Halovar but I have used Halodrol before little to no sides to report but def got leaner.

    Day 4 @204 on empty stomach looking pretty dry had an awesome chest work out and was pumped like never before and I haven't benched in over a year and after a crazy volume chest routine was able decline bench 245 for 3 sets of ten which completely blew me away IDK if I just didn't loose that much strength because over amonth ago I was having trouble putting up 225 for reps on flat bench. I feel really good lots of confidence and my sense of well being is sky high libido through the roof and had the alpha male feeling like crazy. I think this is going to be an exciting 5 weeks I'll be watching my hair because although I don't loose a lot on cycles' I have been mildly thinning out on the crown and in my hair line so I want to be cautious thats why I got on rogain and might get on some finesteride on cycle or in PCT.

  2. Probably will pick up some Nizoral Shampoo 1% as well for added protection I am taking as many precations as possible

  3. Can't wait to see the results.

  4. I am in bro!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Grambo View Post
    Can't wait to see the results.
    Me too I feel pumped everyday since I've been on like really vascular, muscle fullness is insane and the alpha feeling is indescribable IDK if its just the time of from taking PS's or what but this is nutz.



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