Let me start off by saying that I got this on a special offer and didnt have high hopes for it so lets say I was a bit sceptical at first and basically just wanted to try it out for experimenting's sake as I like to experiment....

This supplement Is pretty unique, not like any other I've tried

But after a month using it at the recommended dose of 2 squirts three times daily, I can say for certain that this is one supplement you immediately feel is working.

- increased body temperature, so much so that I find myself throwing clothes off me and it's getting colder not warmer weather wise. It's amazing! The difference is very apparent
- improved digestion
- helped me get into single digit body fat percentages, although this would not have been possible without the right diet. That's always number one
- reduces appetite

So I basically plan to continue using this for much longer and am actually going to stock up on it. Evomuse definitely got me sold on Brite so great job guys and keep up the good, no bs work!