So I tore open the Lemon Lime packet! Smells so damn good! 10 for the smell! Shook it about 3x and that was enough to mix it! SUPER EASY! Easy 10 for mixability.
Just drank everything down. Taste JUST LIKE LEMON LIME SHOULD! Another easy 10!
Cannot believe there is no sugar or carbs in this!I see acai as one of the ingredients.. NICE addition! For anyone that doesn't know what acai is. Its a fruit that can only be found in Brasil. Great energy from it!
Alright so the biggest problem I was having for a while was a girl that I met. I could not stop thinking about her. My workout on Sunday, Monday and yesterday was a bit crappy. Even though I broke a few PR I couldn't focus! All I could do was think about her. SO with that said.. My focus today was completely on the weights! So that really really awesome! Big ass 10 on focus!

Pump huge 10. First exercise down my arms were SWOOOOOOOOOOLLEN!

Energy was there too but not too much, it was just enough! So 8!

Taste 10. It was actually really nice surprised me for sure.

Samething for the smell, 10. Very pleasant.

Mixability. Well I had the water in the shaker first this time so i poured in and it mixed almost immediately no huge amount of powder floating on top. Shook it 4 times and it was all mixed up! BIG 10 for that!

Focus 9.5. At the beginning my mind was wondering but 2 exercises down and I was all weights!

Pump 9.5. Hard to tell from a shoulder workout but it was swollen. I took a picture as well but stupid SD adapter card broke.

Energy 9. It was def there, I pushed harder that I usually do on shoulder than and PR'ed on Shoulder Presses! Yeah buddy!!!