Tribulus 625 Caps (100 capsules)
Tribulus 625 Caps (100 capsules)


Optimum Nutrition

Price: $10.95

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Tribulus 625 Caps (100 capsules)

  1. 4/5

    before i say anything about this i wanna be very clear that i know trib has NOT been proven to work. it is more of a speculation and correlation with studies. that being said....

    Price: 10. cant beat it. mine was free with an order but i mean dude, 50 day supply for 11 bucks? cant hardly buy creatine mono raw that cheap muchless t boosters.

    taste/flavor:6. i know youre probably thinking how can a pill have a flavor? HA. just wait. these things dont taste bad at all (and for reference are standard size gelatin capsules) but if you even think about taking one without somesort of food (even like half a piece of bread or a couple bites of something) and water, you will burp and the dried herb will come up your throat and well, you wont be happy. at all.

    effectiveness: honestly, 7. it did very well as far as natty t boosters are concerned. the only natty otc thing above trib (for ME) is d a acid. it performed better than cellucor p6 even. which is trib based but its tribulus alatus not tribulus terrestris. my strength gains and libido were INTENSE. honestly added about 35 lbs to my bench 1rm with this in the ~7 week period. which is good in my opinion.

    overall:8. like i said. we can debate till the cows come home whether it will work. bottom line. you dont know till you try. and since its comedically cheap and has ZERO sides or risk, why not just try it? if it doesnt work, oh well, youre out ten bucks (like youve never wasted that much on nasty flavored protein or non working supps). and if it DOES work, then bam. you have a new natty to add to any other natty stack or even more anabolic stacks to keep libido up.

  2. Props man! Will def be considering for my next cyle?

  3. Trib has always worked well for me and I like staking it with other supplements.

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